hero is #natural #sustanaible #effective
why hero?
we couldn't call it any other way ...

With hero we offer the definitive solution to those people who cannot find their deodorant because it is highly effective, but not only that, we want you to stop applying deodorant every day (showering or physical activity does not affect its effectiveness). Our aim is for you to enjoy your day to day life without worrying about bad smell and also to have peace of mind knowing that you are using a healthy deodorant without toxins and that does not generate harmful waste to the planet.

But hero is born with a clear purpose: ONE BUY ONE HELP. Part of our profits will go to a cause to help those who need us today, maybe it will be us tomorrow. HERO IS YOU!

hero has very clear VALUES:


We firmly believe in caring for the planet and ourselves, the people, but not as individual beings, but as a team, that is why hero was born with the idea of ​​supporting to different foundations that we will choose between all of us every 6 months. There are many unfair situations nowadays, and that with a little help from each one of us can help so much, it can change someone's life ... that hero does not make sense otherwise if not being supportive. hero is by and for everyone!


The continued use of products that contain plastic (any type of plastic, including bioplastic) is wreaking havoc on our planet. That is why we have said NO to plastic. A more environmentally friendly lifestyle means changing the way you consume and your way of life, adapting it to your values. It means giving preference to sustainable and high-quality products, which are produced in decent working conditions, in proximity and which have the least possible impact on the environment.


We only trust in the natural and healthy, using only natural ingredients that are effective and provide natural care to our skin. The effectiveness of a deodorant does not have to be at odds with health. We want you to take care of yourself in the healthiest and toxic-free way.


As animal lovers, we do not use any ingredients of animal origin. We are against testing on animals, something prohibited in Europe, but allowed and even mandatory in other markets, we will never enter any market that requires testing with our friends.


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