It is important that a deodorant is effective but also that it does not harm your health as most deodorants and antiperspirants on the market do.

We are committed to a healthy lifestyle, and that is why at HERO you will NOT find any harmful ingredients or ingredients that cause skin irritation like:





Formaldehyde releasers

Synthetic Colorants

Synthetic Fragrances or Perfumes


Sulfates PEG's

Polycyclic Compounds



And what's more: PLASTIC FREE (also not in the packaging!!!!)

In fact, HERO is 100% TOXIC FREE.

So what will you find in HERO?

Hero is a 100% NATURAL deodorant, each and every one of the ingredients we have used in the formulation are of natural origin.

Our main active ingredient is microsilver, which in synergy with other natural active ingredients inhibits the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria.

Because Hero is the hero of deodorants, unique, unequaled, formulated with high quality ingredients, highly effective and with an extraordinary duration. Incredible, invincible. But also...

Because it has NO PLASTIC: 

Possibly hero deodorant is one of the most sustainable deodorants in the world. Packaged in aluminum can, and, thanks to its super concentrated formula, the deodorant lasts 3 to 4 months, which avoids the use of more packaging both in the frequency of replenishment of the product and in its material, an aluminum can vs plastic packaging.

Because it lasts for days:

Yes, it lasts for days and with a single application, approximately the size of a pea is enough.

You will have to adapt to HERO and HERO adapt to you, and find out up to how many days it is effective in your case. 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days? Or maybe more?

Because it is odor free:

It contains no fragrances, perfumes or essential oils. So you can decide if you want to smell like your favorite perfume or natural fragrance (by applying a drop and mixing it in) or not smell like anything at all.

Because using hero is convenient and practical:

Not having to use deodorant daily and continuously (showering or doing any kind of sport does not influence its effectiveness) and stop worrying about bad smell for days, is one of the main advantages of using Hero.

Apply and that's it! And forget about the next application for days!

Because it does not stain clothes and has an incredible texture:

Clean clothes, clean armpits! Its dry, soft and non-greasy texture is absorbed immediately without leaving any residue in your underarm or on your clothes. Ultra-fast absorption.

Because it is for everyone, even for the most sensitive or atopic skin:

Suitable for all skin types, thanks to its exclusive formulation it is super gentle on our skin and does not cause irritation.

Because it saves a lot of money:

You will only use 3 or 4 deodorants a year versus 12 annual deodorants (one per month).

Because hero is solidary:

Every 6 months part of the profits obtained from the sales of hero will go to help a foundation, NGO or solidarity project.

The amount of a pea is more than enough! Hero is so concentrated that with a small amount the effectiveness is guaranteed.

It is very simple:

1. You just need to pick up with your finger about the amount of a pea.

2. Apply it to the armpit with a gentle circular massage.

3. Wait a few seconds until it is completely absorbed.

4. Get dressed and forget about it until the next application.

Each person is unique, so each experience with hero is unique as well. You will have to adapt to hero and hero will adapt to you.

Don't worry if you find that some people who are more physically active than you and sweat a lot more, for example, need to apply hero less frequently than you.

Keep in mind that other factors such as your lifestyle, stress (directly related to your hormones), your diet (e.g. the amount of caffeine or spices you take), type of clothes you wear, your body odor etc. will also influence the frequency of hero application.

Hero will usually last 3 to 7 days. You will have to keep testing until you find the frequency that you feel most comfortable with.

We recommend that you write down the first day you apply it and so on with the following applications to make it easier for you to find the frequency you need.

Remember to apply it only when you start noticing the odor again.

This is due to the joint action of microsilver with the other active ingredients that make up Hero.

Microsilver is a natural compound that inhibits for a long time the proliferation of bacteria in our body that produce bad odour when we sweat.

And without bacteria... there is no smell! It's as easy as that. And all this without closing the underarm pores, leaving the skin to perspire naturally... but without odour!

Each person is unique, so each hero experience is unique as well.

Keep in mind that the frequency of application will depend on several factors such as your lifestyle, stress (directly related to your hormones), your diet (e.g. the amount of caffeine or spices you take), the type of clothes you wear, your body odor, etc.

For these reasons we have just discussed, you may need to apply hero more frequently at one stage of your life and less frequently at another stage. But the average duration is between 3 and 7 days.

Yes, even if you shower, swim or practice any kind of sport, hero will not lose its effectiveness because apart from being formulated with water-resistant ingredients, it is not a conventional deodorant. Its main active ingredient, microsilver, is responsible for inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria that cause odor. So you can rest easy and not worry about putting on deodorant all the time. It's that simple and that convenient!!!!

Don't worry, hero is not a conventional deodorant. Conventional deodorants eliminate or disguise the odor once it has occurred and that is why in people who sweat a lot or often have a strong odor sometimes are not effective. Hero is formulated with Microsilver, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria that cause this bad odor, and, if there are no bacteria... there is no odor!!!!

Of course, you can use hero in the armpits and on the feet with complete tranquility.

Yes, hero is formulated to be used on people with very sensitive or atopic skin.

Microsilver is a natural compound dedicated to the protection of dry and delicate skin from possible germs that can cause infections. Its action is focused on dry skins, because it is in these where its barrier function is more altered and consequently where germs proliferate at will. When this happens, the first itching occurs, and we begin to scratch the area finally generating the dreaded infection.

Thanks to the studies carried out so far we can see that it has a powerful antiseptic effect thanks to its composition in silver particles, which have a spongiform structure that releases silver ions, which intervene in the enzymatic functions of microorganisms so that they can prevent their evolution and inhibit the enzymes involved in the bacterial respiratory process.

Among the benefits we find when using microsilver is its high compatibility with the skin, without causing allergies. In addition, it has a high tolerability in both adults and children.  Despite what you may be imagining, microsilver cannot be absorbed at blood levels, on the contrary, unlike other lotions, microsilver does not produce local allergies.

If you have any further questions, need more information or advice, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Currently on the market to combat body odor there are antiperspirants or deodorants. Conventional deodorants mask the odor, while an antiperspirant blocks the pores leaving the odor-causing bacteria inside your body. But Hero goes a step further and works differently, directly eliminating the bacteria responsible for odor before it occurs. Our main active ingredient is microsilver which is responsible for inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria for a long time, and without bacteria... no odor! It's as easy as that. And all this without closing the underarm pores, leaving the skin to perspire naturally... but without odor!

Hero deodorant is free of aluminum, alcohol and parabens. Chemical antiperspirant deodorants usually contain triclosan, aluminum, parabens and phthalate. Ingredients that are not recommended for your health! Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants. Behind every antiperspirant deodorant there is aluminum. This metal is responsible for "clogging" the pores, preventing perspiration from escaping, so that it does not come into contact with the environment and remains inside the body.

Deodorants with aluminum or alum stone (which contains aluminum but in a lower percentage) are not recommended, as they can cause problems by not allowing the area to perspire and accumulating bacteria inside the body.

Not at all! Hero is odorless since it does not contain any perfume or essential oils. But if you want to smell like your favorite perfume or natural fragrance, you can apply a drop and mix it well.

Yes, hero is not tested on animals and we have not used any ingredients or active ingredients of animal origin.

Yes, it is suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

Yes, it is gluten-free.

Not at all. Its dry, soft and non-greasy texture is absorbed immediately without leaving any residue in your armpit or on your clothes. ULTRA-FAST ABSORPTION and ...Clean clothes, clean armpits!

No! Hero does not contain any plastic, not even in the packaging, because for us it is essential to take care of our health but also of our planet. In fact, it is the first natural deodorant without plastic that lasts from 3 to 7 days!

Hero is made in Spain. We support local products and local commerce and that is why even the selection of ingredients is made as far as possible by selecting local ingredients.

Certification is currently in process. We will inform you once the certification is completed.

We ship to all Europe.

The arrival time depends of your country where you are located and how far you are from our warehouse located in Barcelona, Spain.

If you need far information, contact us at


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